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The Victim Issues Coordinating Committee is Hiring!


The Victim Issues Coordinating Committee (VICC) will facilitate the expansion, coordination and delivery of VICC projects in Leeds & Grenville counties, and will work to ensure that victim and survivor-based services in our area are accountable and responsive to the needs of the community we serve.  The committee will work to develop a plan for early intervention, public education and training opportunities on issues related to violence prevention.

Role of the Committee:

The Victim Issues Coordinating Committee will:

  • Facilitate a responsive and coordinated system of local supports through enhanced collaboration at the community level that maximizes the capacity of service providers to respond to victim’s needs and improve access to an integrated service delivery system.
  • Develop a plan for prevention, education and training to help raise awareness of the issues of violence, the resources / services available in the community, and enhancing the service system knowledge base.
  • Advocate for appropriate services where the gaps exist or services are inadequate.
  • Assist in the development and writing of grant applications where applicable.
  • Participate in social media and related activities for the purposes of supporting the committee and its activities.

Summary of Job

Under the direction of and reporting to the Victim Issues Coordinating Committee of Leeds & Grenville, the coordinator is responsible for organizing and managing the committee’s activities as well as working collaboratively with various individuals, groups and community partners to raise VICC’s profile through administrative work, project management and various education and communication strategies.

Job Status:

This is a contract position that will begin immediately and with the option to renew on a yearly basis.  As a contract employee, the Coordinator will be expected to provide their own cell phone that they are able to use for work purposes.  This position has a flexible work schedule with a maximum of 15 hours per week, $20.00 per hour. 

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Responsible for developing, implementing organizing and coordinating the VICC’s violence prevention projects.
  • Responsible for all administrative work in relation to VICC projects including organizing and attending all committee and subcommittee meetings, taking minutes, distributing agendas, producing reports, managing budgets.
  • Must be able to anticipate project needs, discern work priorities and meet deadlines with minimal supervision.
  • Responsible for website maintenance and updates and maintenance of all social media accounts (facebook, twitter, IG).
  • Attendance at all community and public education events and responsible for resource management and public education at these events.
  • In conjunction with sub-committee members and chair/ co-chair, responsible for all media releases and media presence as it pertains to community events including the development of marketing materials, announcements, photo opportunities and social media marketing for special events.
  • Participate in the development and implementation of a communication strategy to keep committee members informed of ongoing events, issues and information.
  • Assist in the development and writing of grant applications on behalf of the committee and its members for projects that are aligned with the same goals and focus as the committee and will benefit the community.

Job Specifications

Work required includes a demonstrated ability to coordinate the VICC for a diversified, primarily rural catchment area.  Such ability is normally acquired through the completion of post-secondary training in women’s studies, social sciences, marketing, public administration or related programs.

  • Demonstrated knowledge of and sensitivity to gender-based violence and antiviolence initiatives
  • Work requires experience in project development and coordination
  • Demonstrated ability in event planning and management
  • Proven experience in marketing and communication strategies including the use of social media
  • Excellent oral and written communication and presentation skills required
  • Functional proficiency in Microsoft Office applications
  • Ability to work independently and under the direction of the Victim Services Coordinating Committee of Leeds & Grenville, set priorities, and complete work timely and accurately
  • Excellent organizational and administrative skills including the ability to prioritize work and meet conflicting demands
  • Experience and comfort with facilitating committee meetings
  • Knowledge of community resources for victims and survivors
  • A valid driver’s licence and access to a reliable vehicle
  • Proven ability to generate Ministry level yearly reports an asset

Send resume to:

Chair, Victim Issues Coordinating Committee                                                                                                                                    Sonya Jodoin 

The job application process ends on Friday January 25th at 5:00 pm.  Resumes sent after that date and time will not be considered.  We have scheduled Tuesday January 29th as the date interviews will be held.  We thank all applicants in advance for their interest.  Only applicants selected for an interview will be contacted. 




Welcome to our Wish List Page!

We often get asked 'how can I help?" when it comes to the work that we do.  Not everyone is able to give the time and resources to volunteer but they still want to feel like they are helping in some way.  So this page is for you!  Below are a list of things we need for staff, volunteers and clients.  Any contributions are greatly appreciated no matter how small.  This page will change as our needs change so check back often!  If you are interested in picking up any of the items listed below, please notify us via email ( or call the main office line (1-800-939-7682) and staff will make arrangements for drop off or pick ups.  On behalf of all of us at VSLG, we thank you for your unwavering support and generosity.

Tim Horton's Gift Cards ($5.00 or $10.00 denominations ideal) - Sometimes our volunteers are going to work on about 3 hours sleep.  That's because they have gotten up in the middle of the night to help someone in need.  We often like to send thank you's to them in the form of a Timmie's card since they can be used in the middle of the night for food and coffee / tea / water or whatever else is needed.  This is an ongoing need and we'll take as many of these as possible.

Grocery store gift cards ($25.00 denominations ideal) - We have some resources we can use but we have many that just don't fit the need for a variety of reasons.  This is particularly helpful for domestic violence victims (male and female), seniors who are defrauded of money and left struggling to get through the month, families that are left with nothing after a fire, and / or family members who have traveled to be with a loved one during a tragic event and are in need of food and lodging on a short-term basis.  This is an on-going need and we will take as many donations of these as possible.

Gas cards for places like Petrocan or Esso ($25.00 denominations ideal) - Due the vast rural nature of our region and the fact that there is no public transportation outside of Brockville and yet most of the services are in Brockville, we often have clients who are trying to get connected to the resources they need but are unable to get there.  Gas cards are used for things like transportation to counseling appointments after a traumatic event or doctor's appointments or similar things.  This is an on-going need and we will take as many donations of these as possible.

Used cell phones - Again, rural environments are challenging when it comes to connecting with services and resources.  You have to make a phone call, leave a message and someone will call you back and so on.  Many folks need cell phones when they are trying to leave an abusive situation (domestic violence, elder abuse) and need to make appointments to get things moving forward.  If you're upgrading your phone and don't have a use for yours, please consider passing it along.  They are also excellent safety devices as they can be used for 911 wherever there is a service.  This is an on-going need and we will take as many donations of these as possible.

Small printer for our Prescott office - We do actually have a printer in our Prescott office but it is so old now, it has stopped working with our newer laptops. This has created a lot of problems because we go through a lot of printed documents.  We provide kits of information to anyone that asks and this often means printed material helping to explain things like domestic violence, child abuse, sexual assault, human trafficking, elder abuse and trauma.  We only need one of these so if you are interested in providing us with one, please let us know asap so that we can take this off our list!

Mobile GPS Enabled Tracker - our MTS program (one device plus activation is $200.00) - Our MTS program is a high risk program geared to assist individuals who are at elevated risk of harm from another person.  They are most often used in dangerous domestic violence situations but may also be used in extreme cases of stalking and harassment, sexual violence and / or elder abuse.  We currently have 8 trackers and prefer to have 10.  Our current 8 have been out non-stop and we have had to take some away from someone to give to another person whose risk is higher (not done lightly, we use evidence based rating scales to help make that determination).  Charity receipt available upon request. 

Monthly tracking fee ($20 / month per device) - One of the challenges with our Mobile Tracking Program is that we are not allowed to use program funding to pay for it.  There is a monthly fee for monitoring for these devices and that means we need to be constantly fundraising to pay for them or we can no longer have them out in use.  This is an ongoing expense so we will take as many offers to assist with payment as possible.  Charity receipt available upon request