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Family Court Support Program

The overall objective of the Family Court Support program is to provide support for both male and female victims of domestic violence who are involved in or considering becoming involved in the family court process.  Goals also include safety planning and related activities to enhance victim safety by reducing the risk of future violence and to increase a victim’s access to services and supports.  Information and resources may be shared in person, over the phone and/or resources distributed via regular or electronic mail.

Some of these goals are achieved through the following activities;

  • assisting clients to record the history of abuse for court documents.  The worker will also provide information in regards to family court documents, ensuring the client understands the purpose and goal of all documents and how to fill them out properly and in a timely manner whenever possible.
  • debriefing and discussing court outcomes, lawyer appointments, Family Law Information Clinic meetings, consultations with duty counsel and assist with the required next steps as dictated by these meetings.
  • accompaniment to court proceedings and / or lawyer appointments and case conferences where appropriate and / or assist with obtaining the required transportation in order to attend these meetings.
  • communication with criminal court based services, such as VWAP, where appropriate and in accordance with agency protocols.
  • communication with other family court based services and referral sources to promote the seamless delivery of information and support where appropriate in accordance with agency protocols.

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