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Sexual Assault / Abuse

A lady joked with me recently that she always thought she had some kind of super powers when it came to dealing with sexual abuse.  She was molested as a young child for a number of years but somehow managed to keep it together and in fact, did quite well overall.  She was very stable, very centered, raised the most awesome kids you’ve ever met, happily married and so on.  She always wondered why she seemed able to deal with this when others were struggling so much.

But then something happened that seems to happen to the majority of folks who are survivors.  An event in her life triggered all those packed away memories and forced open that door.  And like most folks, once that door was opened, it seemed like she couldn’t get all the ‘stuff’ back in to shut it once again.

Sexual assault is any sexual act you are forced to do that you haven’t agreed to.

It is against the law for one person to force unwanted sexual acts on another person.  Sexual assault is the legal term for the crime.  Rape is one form of sexual assault.

You do not have to be physically hurt for it to be a crime.  Many sexual assaults happen when one person threatens or scares another into sex. These threats don’t need to be physical.

On this resource page are a list of publications and links to provide you with information on domestic violence.  Some of the links are to our own work and some are to other community groups.  Since we are a Leeds & Grenville based organization, community links are mostly for organizations in that catchment area.  

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